what my bike worth if i put aftermarket parts on

I bought a 1988 Honda xr250r for $100 didn't run I got it running it runs great and starts first kick. I recently got in a bad wreck bikes fine but I can't ride for two years so I decided to make it look good. Thebikesat intge weather for 3-4 years and looks bad I'm going to respray the frame and get new plastics but i want to put newchainand sprokets new valves and make it street legal how much would I expect to get out of it by the time I'm done and ready to sell?

Recouping 50% of what you spend in aftermarket parts is pretty typical and about as much as you can realisticly expect.

On thanks a lot

If you hold out and find the right buyer, It may? fetch up to $1500.00 if it turns out really nice and runs perfectly.

You might get the run around from 10 potential buyers that all low ball you.

But there is always some that see the value and are willing to step up and pay above a "low Ball" price.

But if it's really that nice, do not sell it for less than $1,000.00

You might find someone to trade you for something that you really like?

Car? Truck?

unless it is really different where you live, I would think you are going to have a hard time selling an almost 30 year old bike for more than $1000 no matter what you do to it.

I don't think you can get the side plastics anymore and I don't think you can get more than $1,000 in any condition.   Are you figuring your time at the chinamans wage?


There's an endless supply of overpriced bikes on craigslist waiting for that elusive dumb buyer that never appears with the sellers demanding NO LOWBALLERS which is all they get.  There are no dumb buyers out there buying old dirt bikes.


Have you considered parting it out and selling to other riders who really need the parts?

Why go to all the effort and expense if you can't ride it yourself?

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