info on 74 sc 500

ive got the option to buy a 74 sc 500 was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience of this thing. i got in one hell of a test ride.. makes my highly modded drz400 seem like a kids bike! fun as hell just dont know much about em. iam pretty experienced with big bore 2 strokes just dont know the cons of this bike or worth the purchase

The SC500 was known to be horribly difficult to jet, and would at times sieze without notice or provocation.


Other than that, it is pretty much par for the course for bikes of that vintage.  The chassis is about what you would expect from a 40+ year old design.  The brakes are wishful thinking at best.  The suspension is non-existent when compared to anything even ten years newer.


But that engine.  Man, when it decides to run right.  It is an absolute beast.


For general light duty trail riding, it would be alright.  For vintage racing, it would be right at home.  For finding parts, well there is always eBay.

USED YZ426F summed it up well. Finicky, monster motor strapped into an old-style, twin-shock frame.

But there is a guy on these boards that figured out the jetting/seizing issue, and he has had tremendous luck with his bikes, turning them into reliable, vintage-class warriors.

If you are interested in a SC500, it would be well worth searching out that guy. He had some very informative posts in this forum, but that was years ago. Maybe try the Vintage forum.

Good luck!

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