Weird electrical fault.

Hi all, first time poster although i have been lurking here for the last year or so and i have to say this place really is a gem on the internet, thank you for all of the information. :thumbsup:


I bought a 2001 drz400(s/y not too sure which) in January and only passed my test yesterday :banana: , so i got to have my first ride, being fully aware its a 15 year old bike i was expecting a fault or two but not this.


I rode for around 20mins then pulled over and had trouble getting neutral so i stupidly used the cut off switch to turn off the bike :banghead: , when i went to start it 10 mins later, there was no ignition at all, i eventually noticed that if i pressed in the cut off switch i would get a neutral light and if i put the bike in gear the dash would light up, neither will allow the bike to be started.


I also found that i had to move the bike a little to change gears when stationary, with or without clutch.

i really am at a loss, other than i suspect it has a short somewhere, ill be having a try to diagnose the fault tomorrow.






bad connection in the cut-off switch.


shuting down the engine with the cut-off switch isn't the issue..   I'm shutting mine down with the switch everytime and always did on all my bike!


mobing a bit to find a gear, when stationnary with the engine off is totally normal

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Thanks for the reply maxpat.


After a spray of wd40, the button on the cut off switch is now sticking in so it does appear to be the culprit, cheers.

It is significant to know what model and year you have.  It is electric start so we know it is not a kick start only model.  That leaves DRZ400E and DRZ400S. (no SM in the early years)  The Y is a year code.  Y was the code for 2000.  K1 is 2001, K2 is 2002 etc.  An S model came with full lighting for street use.  An E model was a dirt only model but many have been converted with added lighting for street use.


Try to determine your correct year and model.  


In the US an S model came with a locking kill switch.  That is you push it (or move the rocker) and it stays in the OFF position until released.  The E model has a momentary push kill switch.  Only OFF when your finger is pushing on the switch.  Of course if it is a converted E it could have any style kill switch. Some conversions kill the motor when the light switch is OFF.

Thanks for the reply Noble, i'm in the UK and its a European 2001 400s but i am pretty sure that some of the earlier models of the European drz were called 400sy, both are the s model though.


The kill switch is the locking type that stays in when pressed.


EDIT: I took the kill switch apart cleaned and re-greased the switch and all is well with the switch but the fault was a repaired wire behind the headlight that was shorting on the frame.




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