New Spring Rates and Settings?

So I've ordered new spring rates for my 03 RM 250 with the stock KYB suspension. and I was hoping to get some feedback on things like fork oil height and clicker settings since these springs will pretty much reset my bike's feel.


I weigh about 205 with gear on 195 without, ride motocross around C wannabe B level, and have incoming .45 fork springs and 5.4 rear spring.


My #1 issue with my current 46mm open bath forks is the mid stroke harshness that comes from running an oil height high enough to keep the ride balanced. When I soften the comp the fork dives too much. With that issue I figured running stiffer springs with less oil will help. So what oil height should I try first? I was planning on starting with the stock value of 130mm. Is that a good idea or should I go lower?


The rear I am pretty happy with currently, but to get the sag proper I have the preload nut about 3/4 of the way down the shock, so I figured getting a new spring in the rear would balance things out better. Should I revert the shock clickers back to stock and go from there? With the current soft spring I have the low speed comp 1 click harder, rebound 1 click slower, and high speed comp 1 turn in. I figure with a new stiffer spring I will have to soften the low speed comp, and slow the rebound a click or two. Does all of this seem like a good approach?


I know it comes down to track feel, but hopefully I can get an informed start here. Do these spring rates seem about right for what I've mentioned?


Advice is appreciated.

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The new springs are in and I will be testing settings this weekend.


One question though about the forks. Is it ok to add fork oil through the air bleed opening if I want to experiment with fork oil levels? I started out at a conservative oil height so I have adjustment to work with. These open bath forks have a bumper and cup setup at the top of the damper rod and it looks like any oil I add through the top would work it's way down.


Or should I just remove the caps if I need to add oil?

Yes you can

Great, thanks for the confirmation.

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