Need help finding the stock rings for a 1999 Suzuki JR50

Hello everyone,new here and this is my first thread/post :) ..Have a few bikes so im sure i'll have more questions down the road ..Have a fully built 1997 YZ80,stock 2002 Yamaha Blaster,stock 2001 Yamaha PW50,stock 1999 Suzuki JR50 and a stock1979 Suzuki JR50 which I got as a parts bike..


Doing a rebuild on the 1999 Suzuki JR50 and having a heck of a time trying to find the stock replacement ring set..The jug/cyl and piston is good but the lower ring is shot..Was cleaning the carbon off then dropped the ring,nicked it pretty good :( ..


I looked all over Ebay and found OEM replacement ring sets but doesn't say if its STD bore..Just gives a part number and can't find any info on them when I search Google..I did run across a few $54.80 full top end kits which seem really,really cheap..They come with everything --> Cylinder,Cylinder head,piston,pin,ring set,head and base gasket,c-clips,needle bearing,cylinder studs with nuts and NGK spark plug..


Would like to find the replacement rings but if not,I might give that top end kit a go..Anyone have any feedback on them top end kits??Thanks guys and heres a link 

They look similar to the Niche Industries kits like I have on the pw. They are usually pretty poor quality and I have a thread fairly recently fighting to get a new kit to have half decent compression. Probably still worth buying in your case, but be prepared for a massive headache.

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