2000 chevy silverado chime

Ok so I was driving earlier today and my chime came on and I can't figure out what it is it came on a couple weeks ago but it was my parking brake was barely set but that was resolved but that's not the case this time my fuel gauge only works sometimes but I don't know if that's it because it has been broken since I've had the truck. Can anyone tell me what this is or give me any clues? My truck isn't throwing a code either. Any help would be appreciated I would post on a truck forum for another website but I don't feel like creating an account.... thanks

Dont know about chime. But gas gauge maybe your stepper motor in your insturment cluster. Gm made inferior ones for a time. Had to replace alll of them in my gm gas gauge was one of them

Yah I might have to look in to that because ot works sometimes but the chime had just came on

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