DRZ-Products DirtBagz --- Scout vs. Ranger size

Looking at getting a set of saddlebags for my DRZ, and really like the DirtBagz.

Everyone seems to like them, especially for the price. I like that the brackets are barley noticeable with the bags off.

I only plan to have the bags on there for longer trips.


Cant decide though which size to get. I am leaning toward the larger Ranger size, since I plan to only use them on longer trips, so it would be nice to be able to haul alot.


Would love to see some photos of your DirtBagz setup, and which size you went with.


Also, has anyone used the Dirtbagz with the HappyTrail racks?



Or PMRacks?



Leaning toward the PMRacks, they look like they hug the shape of the bike well.


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I have had both the Scout and Ranger DirtBagz.  I sold another bike and sent the Scout bags with it.  I kept the Ranger because they  have more usable volume than the Scout.  I have a DRZ400E with the smaller sub-frame and the Rangers do hang down a couple inches lower than the Scout, but the top is higher up.  For a size/volume comparison and using a well known unit of measure.  I could only fit one 6 pack of beer in each side of the Scout.  With the Ranger I can fit two 6 packs in each side.   :thumbsup:   I have put most of my backpacking gear (excluding the tent) in the Rangers bags, but had to use a larger tail bag when camping with Scout bags.  The Scouts were great for day trips and I always take too much stuff because I ride remote areas generally alone.


Since I sold the Scouts with my KLX I cannot provide comparative photos but their website gallery has lots of pictures.   The bags are not waterproof but fairly water resistant.   I have ridden in the rain some and a few stream crossing and my stuff stayed dry,  I live in  a high desert area so rain is usually not a problem.  I did get the bag liners with the Range bags.


I cannot comment on the Happy Trails Rack because I got the Yuma Rack from DirtBagz for my E model.  It mounts directly to the E's smaller sub-frame.  The Yuma Rack does make is harder to to remove the seat mainly because the bolts and separate spacers are difficult it align. 

Clogan2,   The shorter left side is about the same length as the DirtBagz racks, the right side just has that extended protection over the exhaust, which is nice.

                     Far as I can tell from the photos, you can use a tail rack with them, they dont use the same bolt locations, and they seem to be just below where the tail rack would me.

                       I hope this is the case, since I have a nice Moose Racing Rack on my bike now.


CaptCapsize,   Thanks for the info and opinion, I will end up with the Rangers I bet, since any time I add the side bags to the bike will be for a trip, and might as well make sure I can carry alot.

                          And only one 6 pack, pffffffffft, that just wont due.  ;)

                            I read they have a stiffener in the back of them? Just how hard is it? Is it removable? The PWRacks and HappyTrails are not as flat as the Dirtbagz racks.

                             But for the same price, the PWRacks look WAY nicer with way more protection than the Dirtbagz, so hoping to use those.

I do think the Ranger backing is stiffer than the scout.  The stiffeners are not very hard to remove from either. Both the Ranger and Scouts are kind of narrow at the bottom, but that helps keep weight close to the bike.  I bought my first set from Craigslist and got a real good deal.   I bought the Rangers when they had a sale so I got a pretty good price; but waterproof bags would be nice. 

If you are interested in a saddlebag set for your DRZ 400 I would definitely check out the Fisher bag. My friend has a set and they are bulletproof.    http://www.fishersaddlebags.com/Suzuki/drz400.html

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