Rear tire

I need some suggestions on a new tire.I like soft terrain tires but i hate ripping the nobbys off,and i like hard terrain for the longer life but not for the lack of traction. Does any one know of a tire that will do both? Something that will last the hard packed roads and hook up in the soft sand.


Dunlop 756

the Bridgstones have always been good at wearing good and great traction. I am running the M402 Intermediate, and it grips awesome. I have ridden once or twice on it and it is wearing good too.


The Dunlop 756, I second that motion!

I tried a 756 upon recommendation from the board and luv it! Good wear and excellant grip. I just purchased another.

First thing I do when I get the new years bike (98, 99, 00, 01, 02 - hey, you only live once!) is to take off the front 739 and throw it in the corner - the front just doesn't seem to stick that well in the dirt I ride on. In the past I've used the 752/755 combo and that worked well. I've also tried the Michelin S12 for the rear and was very impressed by traction and durability. Still, for availability and performance the 756 is hard to beat.

Has anyone tried the 777?

I've had good luck with the Maxxis Maxcross HT although i'd really like to try the new IT (intermediate terrain). Has anyone had one??

Does the 756 do well with chunking on hard pack? My favorite track which is about 95% soft dirt recently added new dirt to some corners and jump faces which is pretty hard packed with some small rocks. My stock tire is chunking on the side from hitting the gas while leaned over on the flat corners so I'll need to get a new one pretty soon, is the 756 comparable to the stocker in terms of durability?

I just slapped a 756 on the rear yesterday upon recommendation of the guys on the board. Am going to the track today, will advise on how it went. Just took off a totally chunked out 752. Even though the 752s chunk on some of the terrain I ride on, I love the way they hook up. I'm curious about the good things I've heard on the 756.


I just installed a 756 two rides ago and although the traction is excellent, even when pressed on hard terrain, I noticed something odd. This tire has some side knobs that stick out pretty far, and my chain is absolutely wreaking havoc on the left side. My chain is properly adjusted, but the normal side to side play will eat this thing! I do not run an o-ring chain, I use a Regina MXV something or other, gold colored, racing chain, very free and non-drag. Even when sitting on the stand, the side clearance to the side knobs is only about 3/8", if that much. BTW, this is the normal sized 110/100-19. Anyway, just a heads up, I am curious to know of anyone else noticing this.

Well just got back from the track and I really like the way the 756 tracked and held up. The track I rode today has everything from mud to poof-power to rocks in various sections. It showed almost no wear after 2 tankfulls on gas through the 426. It's still to early for me to definitively say if I'll exclusively run it from now on but as I said, it did run good today.

I don't think the side knobbies stick out as far as the 752 I just took off but that wasn't hitting the chain neither. I did tear off most of the side knobbies but that was more from riding tracks that go in a counter-clockwise direction. You can tell if its the chain cause more the top of the knobby will show damage vice the chunking I was getting in which the entire knobby would rip clean off at the base.


Has anyone tried the k695 tire? It looks aggresive and nice thick nobbys. How does it compair to the 756?

thanks for the posts

hey there, I use the K695 tire and I love it so far. I have went through two of them since my bike was new in 98. they are a great tire in all terrain, I have not used the 756, would like to check into that one since I am due for another tire.

Anything but not a Cheng Shin Hard Terrain, it feels like worm skin, very nervous at high speeds !


Another vote for 756. I've tried a 695 and hated it. My dad tried a 695 and took it off after two rides. A 756 hooks as good as a 752 in my opinion and doesn't chunk.

From the first post....

Soft Terrain tires are a harder compound, so they bite through and into the dirt/mud. This makes them last longer and get less traction on harder dirt.

Hard Terrain tires are a SOFTER compound. This aids traction (tacky tire to pavement, right?) and shortens life.

Michelin S-12 for longevity, Bridgestone M78 for traction. IMO :)

I go M78 myself.

I used to ride the 756's religiously on my KDX220. I absolutly loved the tire, but the rocks and shelves here in CO totally ate the tire up. I was putting a new rear on almost every month. They are still my favorite tire, but I can't afford to ride them any more :) . I just put a Michelin H12 on, so far love it. Seems to be wearing well also, I guess time will tell :D !


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