How to do valves.

So my bike over heated and I did some warping of the seats where the cams sit so I decided to buy a whole OEM cylinder head realizing afterwards the valves were not in it. So my question is if I buy the 5 OEM vales am I able to just put them in their respected places and be good or do I have to go through the hassle of seating the valves and everything.

I think you may be fine with just putting the valves in their perspective places but base everything off my opinion because I'm not sure. Also, you should buy titanium valves and heavy duty springs since you already have to get new ones.

What's a good valve brand other than OEM? And what's the difference between Intake (center)or(outer)?

Kibblewhite are great valves. What bike is it?

09 yz250f. Ill prob just stick with OEM they're titanium as well.

Then I would do oem. I didn't know that

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