Help Please!?!

So I have a 96 KTM 380 I have been steadily working on for about a month. I have rejected it, put new boots on both ends of the carburetor. Cleaned the carb multiple times with break clean and compressed air. It has great compression and the exhaust valve is clean and working. However it still wont idle and runs as though its trying to foul a plug and every time I check the plug there is fuel on it. The only time it runs great is in 4th and 5th gear wide open. I live in Colorado and the jetting was at 165 main and 45 pilot, and ran 40:1 with H1R. KTM changed it to 162 main and 35 pilot and ran it with 80:1 AMS oil. I have never riden the bike and was given to me from my uncle so i don't know how it ran before after it sat for 8 years in a shed :cry:  

I'm curious I hear what it is because a long time ago I had a 1976 maico 250 that was similar. I never really got to ride the bike or figure out what was up with it.

Is it possibly spark related?

Honestly I haven't even thought about that. I put a new plug in it but never checked for spark.

have you turned the idle screw in to raise the slide? Have you tried turning the air screw out to give it more air at idle?

Yes no matter what position the air screw, idle screw or even the needle are in it wont affect the machine at all. i did find the gasket for the jet basket was shoot and made a home made one as KTM doesn't make it anymore and the bike idles at a really low rpm and runs a lot better but still cuts in and out when riding it an non of the adjustments make a difference

if this carb has the black plastic idle screw they are known to shear the tip off after some time and wont actually work. Look in the slide bore from the top and see if it sticks out to raise the slide as you turn it in

It does move it, not as i would think it should but ill check with KTM and see what they think

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