melted stator wires

Hi my names landon and i just bought my first motorcycle an 83 xl600r nice and beat up just like they are supposed to be. When i went to look at the bike we had a lot of trouble getting it started but eventually it started and i rode the bike 90 miles back home. Over the next couple weeks fixed a few things little by little but continued to have issues getting it started. Until one day my friend was riding it and it died and wouldnt start again. I got to looking at it and found the ignition wire from the stator melted in half and th other wires in similar condition. I attempted to whipe away some grease and 2 more wires broke. I was going to solder them back together but due to the grease i cant tell whats what is there any way i can use a multimeter to determine which wires i need to connect or do i just have buy a new one?

you may be able to splice in some wire to replace burnt or cracked insulation wires, but i would probley check out fleabay or maybe ricky stator. depending on what you want to spend. i might be able to find the place i used once in alabama. i will let you know if i do..



Ricky stator. Do some research on the xl600 and the stator. Common problem

Yes thank you bootlegger i was going to try splicing the wires together because i know the stators good but the colored fabric soaked up the oil so im not sure what wires are what so i was wondering if i could get the info to use a multimeter. Yes five five ive done research i didnt just come here and ask. I couldnt find what i was looking for if you could direct to that info i would really appreciate it. But if you are not going to even attempt to be helpful then why bother posting at all?

have you took the cover off yet to see the stator. you maybe able to trace them like that from there source.

Yes i pulled the cover off because they melted at the gromet that keeps the oil in the engine but the colored fabric around the wires (the actual wires are white) inside the case are soaked with oil so i cant tell them apart unless i can use my multimeter or possibly if someone knows what order they are in on the stator

those have more coils wound for more power output to run lights or other small things. But will still bolt in the same, and will work.

how many wires can you see going into the grommet from the stator 3? suprised all the wires are white.

sure it would come with instructions, look like it may have a ground to the frame instead of the metal ring on the stator.

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Why post? Because this topic has been covered by about every xl600 owner out there and if you did your research you would know that. They go bad, all of em. As for your melted wires it's a bad connection, but you know that. Wasn't being offensive-just strait forward. And a little advice, if you change to a Ricky stator-upgrade your reg/rec with it. Save yourself another headache.

Thank you both for the advice. I did research but i could not find exactly what i was looking for so i wanted to be sure of what i was doing b4 i sink more money and time (which both i have little of) into my FIRST motorcycle. I apologize im used to everyone on the internet being smart azzes not straight forward. Thank you sorry for wasting your time with my redundant questions.

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