Trails Honda xr650l, suzuki dr400s, suzuki dr 650s

Hi I'm looking to buy a dual sport bike... Right now I've been looking at three dual sports The Honda xr650l, suzuki dr400sand the Suzuki dr 650s my first choice would be the Honda but I'm not sure if it's too big and heavy for the type of riding I'll be doing plus my skill level and body type. I'm 6 foot 2 inches and weigh about 180 pounds with not very much upper body strength(I'm quite skinny) I've been riding since I was little but haven't been riding much in the last few years. I Think I'll be riding mostly fire roads and single track with some street time. I want a bike that I will be comfortable riding up hill climbs and on single tracks a rough fire roads... The Suzuki 650 is quite a bit smaller than the Honda but I don't know how much that will help... And I've read that the Suzuki 400 is pretty good at handling trails and rough spots but I'd like a 650... Is the 400 realy that much better? Or will one of the bigger 650 do just fine... I'm not worried about getting a workout I just wanna be comfortable and constantly worried in gonna dump it while still maintaining a pretty fast speed.. Any help would be appreciated thank you

That's NOT constantly worried about dumping

650's are heavy pigs. the 400 is better, but still pretty heavy. I'm in the same predicament at the moment. 

I picked the 400 over the 650's for the same type of riding as you. The 400 is lighter, better suited for offroad and has about the same horsepower as the 650's.

Singletrack? Go with the 400.

Others will disagree.

If you only have one bike that's the one I'd get (I did)

Too much power for the dirt and not enough for the street.

It's just right



I am 6'1" and not super strong upper body.  I got the XR650L back in 1993 and geared it 13/53 and took off the mirros, passenger pegs, and turn signals. I put full knobbies on it and rode it off road a lot. A great low end torque bike for sure. Due to worn out engine and counter shaft splines, I retired it last year for a KTM 690 Enduro R. The Honda will go most crazy hill climbs I do on the KLX450, but if you fail, you get a little more workout fighting it down  LOL. Also, all the bikes you are considering are gutless as far as power.  I wonder if the 2016 KTM EXC500 would be a better choice for you.. Strong engine, lighter, much better suspension, road legal, wicked.

I did some research on the ktm seems like an awesome bike my main concern is being able to maintain it. I'd be getting a lot of help working on it cause as far a mechanical work I'm not very knowledgable. Considering that it's supposed to need lots of maintenance and has fuel injection instead of a carb made me think twice... Anyone know how long the engine will last on a exc 500 without constantly keeping up with manufacturers Maintenance schedule?

I would look for one pre-fuel injected.  I am not a fan of FI at all. 


I am guessing 25,000 miles for XR650L do top end and 2,000 miles the EXC500. You have to pay for all them there horses.

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Thank you very much for the help!

DRZ 400s. 

What's the difference between the drz 400 s and the drz 400 s?

Sorry what's the difference between the dr 400 s and the drz 400s?

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