How to move shift assembly to align with shift stopper

How do I make this rotate down where it it should be on my yz125? It will move some but not where it should be?




Try turning the countershaft with some pressure on the shift drum.  Should click through.

What do you mean by countershaft, sorry I'm pretty new to working on motorcycles

Never mind. It works thanks a lot!

Power from the cylinder/piston turns the crank.  Crank's got the flywheel/stator on one end, primary gear on the other.

Primary gear engages the clutch hub, power through the plates, and to the inner hub.

Inner hub turns the transmission shaft.

Gears on the transmission shaft engage with other gears on the countershaft. 

Shift forks move the position of the gears on those two shafts.  The shift forks are moved through slots on the shift drum.

Countershaft pokes through a seal that your countershaft sprocket (small one) is splined onto. 

Through the chain, to the rear (wheel) sprocket. 


The gear stacks on the transmission and countershaft may not line up with everything sitting the way it is.  Turning the countershaft changes the alignment of those gears; putting some pressure on the shift drum will let it 'snap in' when the gears are aligned.


Counterbalance is on the far left, your engine may or may not have one of those.

Big one to the right of that is the crank. 

Clutch goes on the other side of the engine case. 

Transmission (upper) and countershaft (right side).

Hollow aluminum thing is the shift drum.

Shift forks ride on the dowels between the transmission/countershaft and shift drum.



All those pieces out of the engine...


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