Just received EJK and pass along settings

I just received today a Gen 3 EJK controller and first of all, the install is extremely easy... even if you are no shade tree mechanic..  but any how I did some research on here and started with the stage 1 default settings.  3,3,6,5,4,4.5.. my mods are FMF power core 4 exhaust.. fmf power bomb header,  13 t front sprocket,  air box mod.  K & N air filter.  The bike felt more powerful but a little bit sluggish except on the upper mid and top end...  I came back in found another post that recommended 2,3,5.5,5.5,3.5,4.5 and took it for a spin and wow... huge difference.  I am a BIG guy.  275 lbs.  going 5mph was able to power wheelie very easy and in 2nd gear going 20 mph could clutch up wheelie easily.  the engine seemed smoother and Happier.  I am at 700 ft above sea level and it is approx. 105 degrees here in texas.  By the way, this is my wife's bike it is too small for me... I have a highly modded drz 400 sm.    I know that is a picture that you would have to see me on a sumo.. but I like what I like.  Just wanted to pass on info and maybe it might help some one else with the settings.

Tried those EJK settings out on my 2015, I have power bomb header, powercore4 muffler and removed the intake snorkel. Stock gearing. The settings did seem to smooth out the power band a bit. Mine too felt a little sluggish on the bottom end and hit hard on the top with the original EJK settings. Now its smoother but I feel like it doesn't have that punch like before, maybe its just because I'm used to the mods by now and it gave some of the power all around.

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