XR600R Clutch Basket

I am rebuilding a 1993 XR600R due to a stretched cam chain allowing piston and intake valves to become very good friends.  When I removed the clutch housing, I bent one of the aluminum fingers on the outside perimeter of the clutch basket.  When I tried to straighten it. of course, broke off.  Can I run with out one of the fingers??

a good used one i think would be better, may make it harder on the rest of your finger with one missing. also depends on how much you plan on slipping the clutch. thats pretty hard on the basket i think.

Saw a used on on ebay and may break down and buy it.  My $1000 XR is getting more expensive by the day.

It should be OK with the missing finger. Got a picture?

Hi tpharmon,

         I broke a finger off the basket on my XR600 about 5 years ago. Checked with my local dealer who confirmed it should be ok. Just cleaned up the break and installed. I cannot tell the difference but I do not spend a lot of time on the back wheel.


The benefit is you can chase a replacement at your leisure and price range. I now have a spare from ebay for the next rebuild.




If you buy a used basket, be sure the basket's fingers aren't notched.

Also if replacing basket and if you have it dual sport legal you can use the 650L basket and primary gear on crank for a taller primary gearing. And back when you could get the HRC 628 kit it came with the same basket primary gear that the 650L has.

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