86 KDX 200 Shock

Just getting into this evo racing (pre1990) and need to get the suspension working. Looking at fitting 03 Yam fork internals into the KDX forks. The shock is the sticking point at the moment. It's a remote res unit about 390mm eye to eye so replacements are limited. Porting looks restrictive so was going to cut the res off a WP unit but due to the ratio it needs a fair stroke (100 wheel travel = 46mm shock movement) Race tec don't list valves for the 86. So to the question, anyone know what shock uses a 40mm piston, don't mind a bit of machining/modding. Thanks.

I ran an 85 125 Kx125 link arm and crank with the adjsustable ride height. I mated this to the same era KX 500 shock with Hi and Low comp adjustment it worked really well. Maybe worth a look if you run the YZ internals and up the travel tooo 300mm. Such a great bike the engines were easy to tune and with small mods were pretty fast. 

A YZ80 or YZ85 uses a 40mm piston.


You could also get a 40mm Race Tech Gold Valve and try to guess on valving. Valving for a YZ80 / 85 is going to be off, too.

 Race tech will only do a in house fitting of the piston? price and time issue. Looking for a cheap YZ shock to tear into. Was looking for KX 500 shocks but still old tech and holding there price in the UK. Cheers for the ideas.

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