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Hick's 2001 WR250f build log

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What's up guys?  Used this forum in the past as a lurker, just gaining information.  Well, I'm 31 years old now and *finally* got another dirtbike - haven't rode since I owned a kx-125 when I was 17-18.  

Got a couple quads lately, tried it out and it really wasn't my thing. Just got rid of those contraptions today and now I want to focus my attention to my newest toy - 2001 WR250f.

I pretty much stole this thing for $380.  It has a fresh top end and pretty much runs okay.  Has the typical starting problem (pretty sure a new clutch will fix it, has clutch drag) so I was able to talk him way down on the bike.  Push starts and rides okay, doesn't want to idle.  Leaks oil all over. Just wasn't well maintained.  Not even a freakin' air filter in there which probably explains all the carb issues.  

I'm not a wrench head, but I'm 90% certain a new clutch and a carb rebuild will solve virtually all of the major issues with the bike.  It runs pretty well once push started, so long as you don't try and idle.  Front wheel comes in in 1st or 2nd gear with almost no resistance.  Motor pulls strong, just needs some fine tuning of the carb. 

Plastics on it are missing/garbage except for the front fender.  Ordering blue Acrebis rear fender, side panels and shrouds.  Kinda like the white front fender.

Performance mods I plan on doing - FMF full exhaust (Q4/Powerbomb),  barnett clutch, boyesen quickshot 3, hotcams stage 1 (full set) - what gets done really depends on the budget.  Not quite sure I'll be able to swing for the hotcams or not.  

Goals are to build this bike up as much as possible without significantly exceeding its resale value. That's why I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to swing for the hotcams.   I'm about $400 into the bike as I write this. Just got it a couple days ago.  

Pics gonnna be posted in a sec.  Any tips and advice for this build welcome!  

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