Artrax tires

Has anyone tried these? Can't believe how cheap they are. Reviews look good too.

I have a friend that uses them all the time and they are decent.  In Las Vegas, we really chew up tires with this desert terrain and they seem to last about as good as about anything else.  The side walls on the front seem a little weak, as he tends to get more flat tires than the rest of us.  I tried them a couple years ago and did not like the feel of the front, so I went back to a standard brand.  I think the trick is just finding the model that works best for your terrain.  At the cost, it really won't hurt to buy a set and see what you think about them.  They may not be the best, but I doubt you would say they totally suck and pull them after 1 ride.  I ran my set to they were done, and wasn't disappointed.

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