Top Speed: 2011 KX250F, stock gearing = 66 mph

I've been using a couple of apps to track my trail riding and was surprised that I was only going around 45 mph max, even on some straight sections of trails. Today I got everything cleaned up and ran a test run with "My Tracks" on a straight section of road by my office. I was hitting the rev limiter in fifth. Imagine my surprise to see the speed chart maxed at 42 mph.


Then I reviewed the "Stats" section and noted a top speed of 66 mph. Turns out the tracking programs store information so infrequently it is possible to miss high speeds in different sections, so short straight runs weren't being recorded.


I probably could have gone a little faster, as I backed off when the rev limiter started kicking in. But glad to know my little 250 can go faster than 45. :ride:

Yeah 45 is wayyyyy too slow

Yep. I knew I was going faster. Was frustrating to see the app reading so low. Glad I tested it.

On my gps with standard gearing 2012 Kx 250 i have reached 112 km/h which is about 70 mph . 

Sounds about right.

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