Pro Circuit Works pipe.. which silencer?

First off the top end is modded to hell TMR 265cc, porting, race fuel head, etc. V-Force 3


Been running it on a Pro Circuit works pipe and bills silencer (which came on the bike before any work) 


Now the silencer blew out at the track and I'd like to replace it. 


Called Pro Circuit and their claim is that the R-304 Shorty Silencer works best with it and when I asked how it affects the power band they said "It's snappier on the bottom but allows for more overrev"


This seems contrary to the claims I've read on here.  I definitely don't want to lose any top end or overrev and I would like to gain some, somehow. 



did you let them know the mods and what you want?


not sure on the shorty, i run fmf right now.

For top end you want a longer silencer. The shorty does add to the bottom end, but I found it didn't rev as freely.


At te local track there is a roller section with ski jump at the beginning. When I doubled in I had to land hard on the gas to double the rest. The longer silencer allowed me to do it easily, whereas the shorty seemed to rev out and not making the double.

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