Rekluse z start install

Installed a z start in my 2005 crf 250 x today and having problems. The bike will not move.

I Installed using my Barnett clutch basket and friction plates only to find the install gap was only about .010" where it should be .035 to .045". During the installation I placed 1 of 8 friction plates in the basket first then followed by 1 of 7, 1.0 mm rekluse drive plate, then repeated all the way up till I had the last friction plate in.

After seeing this wouldn't work I removed the bottom friction plates and added a rekluse 1.0 mm drive plate in first. This reduced the amount of friction plates to 7. I used 3 of my 1.3 mm Barnett drive plates instead of the the rekluse plates to make the install gap between .035" and .045".

I'm guessing the problem now is that there is no friction plate on the bottom of the stack and/or maybe the install gap is a bit too big if I measured I correctly.

Any ideas why the gap was so small using all my friction plates?

Can I expect it to work properly with only 7 friction plates?

Any suggestions?

I don't have a zstart but a Core EXP3 in my X, and Rekluse puts a steel plate as first plate in the stack, then several friction/steel untill the EXP unit.  I suggest using Rekluse installation instructions.  Then calling Reklue for technical assistance. 

I have the rekluse perch adjuster also installed and I'm not sure if I have it adjusted properly.

Rekluse was closing when I called yesterday so I am calling when they open today.

Talked with Rekluse. The z start requires you to have friction plates on bottom and top so that explains why the bike won't move. Newer z start models have drive disc on bottom.

I will install every thing again and see what the gap is this time.

how did you get on is it all working now ?

No. Turns out my 1.0 mm drive plates had gotten hot which caused them to expand. This made them stand on edge a bit which makes them take up more room than 1.0 mm.

The gap was too small and they got real hot real quick when I rode it. The kit was second hand. I romoved it and put my manual kit back in.

Rekluse has a deal where I could send in that old kit and receive a $100 credit. The other option would be to by more 1.0 mm drive plates for about $50.

I have a brand new Z start kit with the perch adjuster too all still in the box just not fitted it yet just waiting for other mods to be done first ! Though i am a little worried as i will be fitting the 280 kit and the Z start should be fitted to a standard engine supposedly ...? Let us know how and what you do i would like to know what you think of the system as i am a little old skool and unsure whether to fit it or not ..cheers

Ok. I have 280 Athena kit in my bike also.

Ok. I have the Athena 280 kit, stage 2 hot cam and stainless steel valves in my bike. Haven't heard that you should have standard engine for Z Start.

It will be a while before installing a new rekluse. I'm riding the local fall harescramble series which begins this weekend and won't be tinkering with the clutch till the season ends.

i just heard i think in a rekluse advisory that they are suited for the standard engine not for tuned as they cant take the extra strain ? i was just a little worried about that !

Whilst i have your ear how do you find the big bore !mine is still in the box ready to go ,i have the 05 cam ,vortex ignition ,fmf full system all the c.c.c mods are done ! The next step for me is suspension then the brakes (bigger disc)and lines ,then i start with the big bore and the head and the rekluse ... what else have you done? 

What's not to like about more power. So yes love the 280.

Full fmf exhaust, Barnett clutch and basket with stainless inserts, galfer front brake hose, motul fluid in rear brakes, 100 watt stator, Baja designs led headlights, swivel pegs, Clark fuel tank.

Sounds good i have been looking at the clarkes tank but only cos i like the look of the clear plastic i feel i can go for a while on the standard tank ! Is the 280 kit much different ..?

I have also just invested in a lithium batery big improvement in weight loss i would go so far as to say noticeable when riding good investment . .. The barnett clutch dont really see them over here hinson seem to have the market for clutch's ... STeel hoses are a must i would say a 270 front disc s too ..

I recently rode a new husky and the brakes were out of this world compared to the honda ..hope you have a good season i am only doing the odd race just to test out stuff properly but i hope to do some enduros here in europe next year ...

Nevervrode the bike stock. I bought the bike from a local shop owner that made all the mods.

I may look into the lithium battery when its time for a new one.

Dont wait the weight savings are worth the investment wish i had done it sooner .!

I have gone with the nubliss on the rear too i am getting a lot more grip from it now i can run the lower tyre pressures ..

actually i do i need the short levers i find i like to use my index finger for braking and as a result the lever will hit my outer fingers if i adjust the levers so they are further away i dont feel i am as effective with the brakes as my finger struggles to reach it comfortably ..

Just need to set them up with a little more weight and little less spring on the X because the clutch spins slower (than the R) due to primary gearing difference. Use stiff basket springs if not included, barnett or tusk.

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