Fmf and shock spring rubbing

I just bought a full ti single system for my 2014 crf250r. I rode it for the first time today and when I was done a checking over the pipe I noticed that the shock spring and the pipe were rubbing slightly. I bought the pipe used but I know it has no more then 3 ride and the pipe has no damage and is in perfect condition. If anyone has any ideas on what is should do to fix it or do about it let me know. Thanks

On my last bike I had to massage the pipe a little and use a washer to space my FMF exhaust away from the frame. Loved the exhaust. My MRD exhaust that I have on my current bike required no extra work, fit perfect out of the box.

We've had the same thing happen to both of our bikes, Ti on the race bike and s/s on the practice bike. My son took the practice bike out the other day and said it sounded funny and was down on power. I thought it might need the packing replaced. Pulled it off and noticed it rubbed so bad that the pipe eventually cracked. Called FMF today and sent them some photos. Waiting to hear back, might try to get it welded.

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