Street legal

I have a 2007 Suzuki drz 250 and I want to make it street legal in Virginia does anyone know what I would need to make it legal? It already has a headlight and a taillight (but needs the switch)

Virginia would know. You should check with your local dmv or whatever agency handles that stuff there.

I moved from VA a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure. Check with your local police.

The basics are that the bike needs headlight (high and low beam) tail and brake lights. 

Must have horn and mirror. I think it has to be 9 sq in of mirror, so two small or one decent sized one.


If the bike has turn signals, they have to work. If it doesn't have turn signals, you can use hand signals.


There probably is some exhaust requirement, but too many Harley riders seem to ignore them if there are any.


I've never had them check that the brakes actually work (slow down the bike)

I street legalized my 03 DRZ400E in Massachusetts last year, I put the Baja Designs kit on to make sure it would pass state inspection. The big hassle for me was the DMV. Not too many people there knew anything about it, after a lot of digging I found out that I had to go through the division of safety and compliance, which is part of the DMV.

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