xr600 stator for lights question w/picture

so i picked up this stator many years ago and now just getting around to trying it. anyone have any idea what it came from has pick up with it also but it is now removed from harness. has 3 wires from the stator yellow,pink,black red tracer.

i am in the process of making it street-able so i am thankful for any help.


Looks like a pulse generator pickup but that belongs on the other side of the motor as far as I know... Also black/red is for ignition and the others are for lighting and accessories. If you want it street able get a Ricky stator. The stock units only put out decent lighting. You'll notice dimming and such every time you tap the brake or use a turn signal. Also it's only bright at a higher rpm than idle haha.

Is there continuity between the pink wire and the metal base ring? How about for yellow?

I shall be checking them all tonight, And have since removed the pick-up from it and harness. So it appears just like mine just with more wound coils.I did manage to dig up all of my old Baja kit.

After to talking to my buddy about the colors he was telling me the yellow was for the lights and pink was acc. for charging and do plan on having a battery pack.I will try and get some pics of the rest .

Okay done some testing compared to my stock.

Red lead to black/red

black leads to metal ring   got   92

my stock   got  80


red lead to pink

black lead to metal ring

got  1 maybe  may have been nothing

and same with yellow


same with stock

red lead to pink

black lead to yellow

had continuity


same with stock


now i just need to figure out to got my wires out of the stock gromet and new wires it and not have a leak.



Here is a few pictures of the old baja designs kit i have...IMG_0996.JPGIMG_0997.JPGIMG_0998.JPGIMG_0999.JPG

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