Keep slipping tire and popping tubes... Life of a Pitbike?

Bought a crf50 about 4 days ago. With in the first hour of ride time pop a tube... TLDR. Whats the best way to keep this from happening. local Honda shop is full of retards. Im running stock with kenda milvilles. 2.75. I've replaced three tubes after some just general riding. My buddy with year older bike and what seems to be a wider tire has had zero problems.  


HOW do I remedy this? I ran about 22 pounds in my tubes and didn't do anything crazy whilst on the bike. Other local bike shop says I'ved "rolled my bead" on my tire and I need a new one. 


Will a new wider tire fix this? What have you guys done? My pitbike project really isn't taking off that well. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Holy! 22 Lbs? let some air out.


Do you have a rim strip? 


Are your spokes tight?

Spokes are tight and I had a rim strip put in with the newest tube that has been put in. I've been told to run 20-25 so that the tube doesn't pinch... Any other ideas?

I run as high as 30 psi in my pit bike at time. With little tires you need high psi to help pinch flats

I run as high as 30 psi in my pit bike at time. With little tires you need high psi to help pinch flats

I read Crf450 in the description haha. Big difference. 

Does anyone think running a wider tire or maybe a different rim could help this?

Stock motor? Need a rim lock.

BBR rev box. Rim lock? You think so?

Anybody got anything else?

Stock motor shouldn't really need it but it was just an idea. I have an 88RH motor with 4 speed trans and run rim lock rear. 2.75 rear tire with about 15psi.

Right on. That's the plan then. Im really surprised more people haven't ran into this problem.

It's strange your having the issue in a stock 50 my mod 110 with a 155 stroker motor doesn't have a rimlock and I've never had an issue

Replace the tire today, boys. Dunlop 2.75. I took it really easy the first hour riding with a buddy. Road around town and then took to a local backyard track. No rim lock. Jumped it, slightly. Took about 4 laps. Then we went to riding in a yard, "drifting" in the dew. Then late went to a local lot that we don't get bothered in, rode wheelies all night. Really impressed with it so far. 


Lost the nut and back sleeve to the rear drum tonight,  :banghead: . If its not one things its another. Ride on homies. 



Stock motor? Need a rim lock.

I have two rim locks on my 500..

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