Coolant or naw?

Hey guys! I just finished rebuilding my 06 KX450f top end because of it leaking coolant. I don't know if it's because I'm paranoid, but I think there is a tiny trace of coolant in the oil again. It's not as cloudy as it was before, but it has a green tinge to it. This is the oil after a short break in... I didn't notice any drop in coolant levels, but it is green coolant and greenish oil came out lol. I just need someone other than myself to decide if they think it looks like coolant made its way into the oil again. Here are some links to photos.


Thanks in advance!

Wow, I totally forgot I used a Lucas oil assembly lube that was green when putting the top end together... Could that be a reason for the slight color? Like I said I'm just paranoid lol.

That oil looks perfect.  Coolant will make it milky not change it's color. 

Thanks, I really appreciate the help!

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