Swap / compatibility Rear brake yz 125 and yz 250

Hi guys

I would like to konw if the rear brake (caliper+ bracket) is the same for the 250yz2003 and the 125yz2003 ?

The rear brake reference is different :

125 yz 2003: 5UN-2580W-10-00

Same ref on : yz 125 2004 / 250 wrf 2004 / 450 wrf 2004

250 yz 2003 : 5UN-2580W-20-00

Same ref on : yz 250 2004 / 250 wrf 2003 / 450 wrf 2003

But the rear wheel and the rear arm are the same on the 125/250 yz 2003

Thanks for your help

Hmm. This is a tough one. The "-10-" in the part number usually means a subtle change; a difference in paint or finish, or a revision bump. Perhaps the pad material is different between the two?

The fact that the "5UN-2580W-" numbers match gives the strongest credibility that the two parts will interchange. Sorry, that's the best I have.

BTW, brilliant bit of investigative work! Well done.

Thanks for your answer ;-)

Does someone has the two parts in hand to compare it ?


I put a 01 yz 426 on 04 yz 250. Just have to get brakes since they carry larger pads.

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