1984 XL 350R engine swap possibilities.

Are there more reliable honda engines that will directly bolt into the frame of my 84' xl350r ?

i have the same bike i wanted to know if the 500 will fit i think there the same frame?


 The 400 may well fit.  250 certainly would.

Don't see many 400 motors for sale and truthfully a whole 400 would be an awfully nice upgrade.

 Very nice!  you just want the power of the bigger motor?

The bike is a daily driver for me and I have just been looking at options for replacing the engine I was actually curious if the 600 would fit in there?

 They completely revised the 85 XR350 with a bigger (longer) frame and a lot of other changes.  That corresponds to the new XR600 and they share quite a few parts.  The 83-84 share with the older 500. Doubtful the 600 would fit in the smaller 83-84 frame given all the changes, but don't know that the 600 is physically larger than the 500. Seems likely.

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