Transmission issue

G'day guys. Recently bought my first Kawasaki kx250f . I have owned bikes in the past but decided to go green. Anyway it was having the problem of not selecting 3,4 or 5th gear. Having dealed with this kind of thing before I got it and now am a little puzzled.

I removed the shift shaft and tried shifting straight from the drum. The problem persisted . So thinking it was the shift forks as the only logical explanation as everything else was removed and it still wouldn't shift I split the cases. What I found was weird. As soon as the jmcases were split I took the gears out and inspected . Then I put them back in and tried shifting through the gears and it went through all the gears fine. The forks weren't damaged or worn . Why would it not shift from the drum then as soon as its split shift fine?

And it's an 06 . Thanks guys

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