VOR 503 valve sealings

I'm looking for replacement valve sealings for my VOR503, diameter is 6mm.

A guy who did some repairs on my VOR engine told me I can use sealings from some older Nissan but didn't say exactly the type and since I payed him for the work he stopped communicating (he is not from my town, so I can't visit him).

I know I can order them from Frigerio from IT. That's the last option. At this point I'm trying buy them in my country and save some money, because the repair allready cost me quite a lot.


Any ideas what type and year of Nissan it could be?

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Cant help with the nissan info.


Early RFS KTM had 6mm valve stems. Important to know what the guide diameter is and the height of the seal.

Kibblewhite make 5 different size valve stem seals for 6mm.






Maybe you can get these at a local bike shop.

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