Yz250,should I buy it





First thing you need to do is make the thread in you post work. Secondly, insure it can be open. Best to just save the bike in a photo, and paste it in.


Try copy and paste it in a web browser

OkTry copy and paste it in a web browser

I did that too. Didn't work. ;(

Oh wow I'll try fix it later

I could see it.  I would say even with a full rebuild it's maximum a $2200 bike.  That is, if we're talking American dollars.

Why are they selling a bike with so many new parts? I'd be curious about that first. It does look like a good bike and decent price though.



Yamaha YZ 250 2002

Asking price: $2,750 Or Near Offer

Listed: Mon 10 Aug 2015, 6:50 am

Watchlist Listing #: 931038413

Kilometres: less than 1000km

Good tidy bike

Has just had full engine rebuild have recipts

It has....

New wossner forged piston

New conrod kit

Crank balance

Al seals

Al gaskits replaced

Other parts inc...

Full dep pipe system

Black rims

Wave disc

New blue talon rear sprocket

New fromt sprocket n chain

Full plastic kit

Far bars n mounts

New habd grips

Boysen reeds

Bike has no hours on rebuild has yet to be run in.

Ok, see it now. If a bike that old has not be "restored" like the way I do then if 27 is American its to high. If it had been "restored" the way I do it, and the price is 27 American, it's right on. That bike has a rebuilt motor and new drive. Nothing special. What does 27 equal in USD?

Its in new Zealand dollars

Its in new Zealand dollars


In which case, that's a good price IMO.

Yeha I have yz400f I looking for a lighter bike

Yeha I have yz400f I looking for a lighter bike




:facepalm:   :lol:

I'd offer him 24

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