yz400f engine noise?



New to the forum.


My YZ400F on start up, is making this whizzing/fan sound  coming from the cam chain side of the engineicon1.png. (Maybe in the Middle)


when increasing the rev's the sound gets louder.


No change in power tho. and the oil is clean.


the sound doesn't kick in at low rpm.


Any helpicon1.png would be most appreciated.


Many thanks 

Does it have an aftermarket skid plate? If so, remove it and see what it sounds like.

No, just the oem skid plate.

Could that be the problem?

Alway does it sound serious like a bearing ?


I can't hear it. 


As you describe it, though, it would be a good idea to get an experienced ear to listen.  If you think it relates to the cam chain, you could pull the cam cover and flywheel cover and flywheel off, and have a look for worn out chain guides and the like.



I now think its the carb, its has a FCR Carb, and apparently they do whistle.

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