Kickstand ripped from frame

Hey everyone quick question. I was out riding and pulled over real quick on my xr400. Next thing I know the bike was on the ground. The kickstand broke off and took part of the frame with it. Does anyone know what kind of welder to use on this frame? Mig? Any other suggestions let me know! Thanks!

This is really comon on these bikes, Its not a kickstand on the xr400 its a side stand your not ment to stand on it and kick the bike over but the rusting is an issue mine had this ripped off as well with no sign of rust at all. That repair in the above thread is a nice job well done! much nicer than mine

Yeah I don't stand on it trust me haha. I think it was welded before, and was worn out. Put it on the stand when we pulled over and ripped from frame by itself. Managed to mig weld it on and should be good to go! Thanks all for the replies

just had my 96 xr250 frame/kickstand mount  repaired.guy said it looked like they totaly missed with the weld on the inside of the frame at the factory.

I actually went a different route. I purchased a 1997 XR400 with a broke off kickstand, I welded the hole and wanted to try something different. I bought a bolt on for a cr500 from ebay for 36bucks. I had to adjust the front bracket as it was about "1/8 to small and make a new back bracket and reinforce the tab that holds the stand itself with a small piece I welded between the front part of the brakect and the stand tab. So far it has worked good, I will follow up after doing some harder riding and jumps but the spring so far has done well keeping the stand in place.



check out     frame repair    thread   might help.

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