Stalling after replacing float bowl gasket

I have a bone stock 2000 BRP. The float bowl gasket was leaking, so I pulled the carb and installed a Moose Racing XR650L carb rebuild kit. The bike fired right up, but once warm, stalled with any throttle.


I did another tear down and switched back to 100% original parts except the float needle (identical to stock) and gasket. The bike fired right up, but once warm, only stayed running, poorly, with a lot of throttle fidgeting around looking for a spot to keep it running.


- The gap on the choke (valve starter) looks good according to a PDF version of the FSM.

- Throttle cables are adjusted like before according to my sharpie marker.

- I cut the tab off the air mixture screw so I could adjust 360. I set it to ~2.5 out.


Air mixture screw - I can’t really get in there while it is running.

- Once warm, with the choke off, it will stall if I’m not messing with the throttle.

- No room to adjust and avoiding getting burned. Gloved fingers didn’t work.

- So it’s back to about 2.5 turns out.


Idle Screw - I tried several positions, but with everything else going on like trying to keep it running, I can’t really tell a difference.

- So it’s back to the sharpie marked thread.



When it stalls, is the bowl full of fuel? Open the drain screw to check.

Will it not idle because the speed is set too low, or because it's running poorly?

Carb not well seated in the boots?

Thanks for the leads...


- Bowl has fuel

- I turned up the idle as a test. I think it’s just running very poorly.

- Carb seems well seatedl. And I did lots of wiggle wiggle before tightening down.


There is a small amount of dark smoke mixed in the exhaust.

Black / brown smoke can be poor combustion of a very rich mixture or misfiring. I'd disassemble the carb again and double check the choke plunger, the float / float needle, and the slide diaphram / spring.

Thanks for all the help so far. Got the BRP torn down again.


The carb had no needle jet (brass tube with a small hole on one end, larger hole on the other, that goes in before the needle jet holder, which the main jet screws into the top of).


Or, I lost the needle jet unknowingly while cleaning during the first rebuild. So I didn’t install the new one that came with the rebuild kit. I just screwed the holder with the jet back in.


It is pictured in the service manual PDF (#17 on page 5-6, thanks TT). But the manual doesn’t say which way it goes.


So, does the small hole end or large hole end go in first?


Stated another way, small hole nearest or furthest from needle tip?

Want to know how solid your BRP is?


Someone who doesn’t know what their doing put the carb back together without the needle jet, and it still started.


With the jet, and your TT help, it runs like a champ!


Local hare scramble time... Roost...


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