Alien Wiring

I'm trying to get an old TS250 together. Turns out, it's a parts bike, 1974 frame and 1972 or 3 engine. Anyway, the wiring has been hacked/spliced/ reworked into a bizarre mess. I think I have it pretty close but here are some odd things.


* In the catch all shop manual I have (1971 -1976) it lists several wiring colors I don't have in the harness

* The bike harness has several wire colors not in the manual diagram

* There is one component not listed in the manual. Long ago I saw something mentioning it as a Suzuki add on to prevent blown head lights but I have no idea where it should go in the wiring harness


If anyone can shed some light on any of these issues before I go completely crazy trying to figure them out, I would really appreciate it.


what's the engine number 


what's the problem ? (lights not working, ignition, etc)


the wire colors are missing because they were either bypassed or replaced happens all the time with old bikes 


if you don't want blown headlights just make sure your regulator is working properly and if you're really paranoid put an inline fuse after the regulator just to be sure

I'm just trying to get the bike working electrically. When I got it, there were no turn signals, no taillight and the wiring had been hacked. On the wiring diagram I have, there is no voltage regulator shown. From what I read on another site, Suzuki added these after they bikes were sold to prevent warranty issues from blown headlights. Not sure if that's true, read it on the internet!! But, my wiring diagram does not show where the regulator should be installed. Rather than taking a SWAG, I was looking for guidance as to where in the wiring it should be installed.

There should be a wire that leaves the magneto and runs to the ignition switch then to hi/lo switch and then to headlight. Regulator can be tied in anywhere between magneto and ig. switch. Is system 6 or 12 volt?

^6 volt system 




There is no point in trying to figure out alien wiring you need to find the main lead wire to ignition coil that's your hot wire then after that create your own wiring diagram if you know what you're doing you should be fine 

Thanks Willie, I 'll try that

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