Planning for a Enduro Trip

At the end of the month I am travelling down to Alberta to do some riding, probably 4-5 days in a row.

I want to pack light but still not want to be caught without some basic supplies. I hooked up with a group of guys where I plan on riding and we will be going out for full days. I will be living out of a hotel room for the most part and have limited room in my truck for my gear and stuff.

I do not know the exact terrain that I will be riding on, but want to plan for the worst, including downpours.

What should I take with me on the ride? what food is good and compact to take with me? any hints on making my riding experience more enjoyable that will be great. I definitely don't want to be a buzz killer for the other guys

Beef jerky.

1. Tools

2. Spare parts(chain, sprockets, tubes, etc)

3. Well maintained bike

4. Gas+ oil

5. Extra gear

Food: Beef Jerkey, cliff bars, tuna snacks (if you like fish), protein bars, mountain house products.

Must have: basic medical kit - bandages, gauss, stuff to clean out the wound.

Tools: chain, depending on bike, oil eng/Trans, oil cleaner for your filter, oil for your filter. Backup clutch and brake handle.

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