Plastic fitment?

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere else but i couldent find it so here goes what are the chances of plastics from an 02 cr250 fitting on my 94 cr250r? Or what's the latest year that will fit

The 1995-1996 plastics fit. The only hassle is the rear number plates to the airbox. It is easy to make wotk & makes the bike look a little more updated. The 02 plastics will be a nightmare & look horrible. Since the rear number plates make up the sides of the airbox & the rear fender make up the back part of the airbox, getting the newer 02 stuff to seal the box will be impossible.

Cool I'll look for some 96 ones then don't want a fight with it to much to get everything lined up but mine are cracked all to hell and I figure why not update a little bit while I'm at it

02 front fender will bolt right up.

Unless you go with white or black, the 02 red is wrong compared to the mid 90's Era color red.

I was planning on changing color anyway still debating on white black storm trooper style or matte red and black

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