Cold Lake


Anyone here ride Cold Lake?

Better late than never.... Me!


Meeee too, can't wait to ride this year!

My wife is from that area so when we are up visiting her parents I try and get out on the motocross track.

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    • By brentn
      I'm going for a long shot, but I'm going to go out there anyways on monday or tuesday if this weather holds and see if I can go on a small ride.
      I've never been there before, I do most of my riding in Caroline in the summer. I was looking on google maps and people have told me that it's pretty much the next right on highway 22X heading west. This is just after the bragg creek turn off from 22X heading west.
      Looking at google satellite, it def looks like there are some open areas in this area for riding, looks like some spots for RV's and a couple long stretches of power line.
      Is this the case?
      btw, I don't care about the snow, even if it means only an hour or so of riding I'm going to do it, I HAVE TO GET OUT AND RIDE, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE
    • By onthemain
      Date: August 22, 2010
      Patricia, Alberta, CANADA
      Travel back 245 million years to when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Imagine a land so desolate, where vegetation has been cooked by the baking sun, where flat land has been eroded into jagged ravines, where dirt has been petrified into rock… Not even the magnificent Dinosaur could survive this place!
      Now for the first time in Canadian history, a premier ‘Extreme Hard Enduro’ event will be staged in the ‘Badlands’ where the Dinosaur species came to rest… This event will test the desire of the modern day Off-Road motorcycle enthusiast and present those brave enough a chance to beat XTINCTION!!!
      CGRT founder and Xtinction mastermind Lee Fryberger has been working diligently to make this event a reality. “This is my backyard ~ yes it is rugged ~ but it will offer an incredible riding experience for those brave enough to try. With the advent of ‘Extreme Hard Enduro’ events in recent years; as well as CGRT’s involvement in many of these events; I really wanted to combine our experiences and bring this type of event back to North America.”
      “We have recently secured access to an incredible area for XTINCTION. It is the most compact ~ gnarliest terrain imaginable and will offer unbelievable spectator and media viewing opportunities! Best of all, it is the perfect place to showcase the immense skill and precision of the competitors” adds Fryberger.
      The event will offer a significant purse to attract the best riders from Canada, the U.S, and even Europe. In addition, a CMRC sanctioned Harescramble event will be held the day prior to allow the vast majority of enthusiasts a taste of the ‘Badlands’ without the potential of facing XTINCTION!
      Further details coming soon at
    • By ectm3
      Anyone whant to buy a dr.d (ti exhaust)(ti header) system for a 2009 yz450f?It has 2 rides on it and is in mint cond.Also comes with one re-pack.:eek:Throw a number at me if your interested.......
    • By pigs
      is xtreme raceways a good track for a beginer on a 250f:bonk:
    • By Albertagreenmachine
      Trying to plan a ride in Southern BC sometime soon. How far west do we need to go to find some good riding. Any one want to show us around?