maxima castor oil mixed

hi,,i've had a bit of a disaster regarding a few of my bikes being run on diesel mistakenly

the bike i need advice on today is a 1989 cr 250 which was running on maxima 927 castor oil

i've mixed the castor oil 40-1 with diesel instead of petrol and run the bike for 5 minutes before assuming a crankcase oil seal had gone due to the smoke being produced

now,,the bike has been at a mates house to get the crankcase oil seal done (i'm no mechanic),,and he's now flushed the fuel out the tank and cleaned the carb,,but refilled the tank with synthetic putoline oil and run the bike

i've been told its very bad to mix the castor oil with synthetic premix oil as the different oils react against each other and seperate (tbh i know this to be true as i done it a few years ago with an 81 maico which subsequently had to be rebuilt with new bearings and seals)

so,,,,the question is,,,,,,,would the diesel premix have flushed the castor oil out from under the crank and effectively made it ok to now run the synthetic premix??

or would you think i've now got more problems regarding the mixing of these two premix oils??


a bit of a mouthful this story but i would appreciate any advice given



I would suggest contacting maxima directly. I've mixed the 927 product with hp2 synth in s pinch and not had a noticeable issue..

thats an idea,,the maxima seems to be a new generation of castor oil,,,the maico i used to have was running on castrol r40 which when left would seperate after only a month,,,,,i've had a couple of litres of the premixed maxima sitting in a clear container on a shelf for over a year now with no signs of breaking down

anyone else running the maxima 927 with any advice?

It will be fine.

927 only seems to separate at low temps, or so I've heard. I've never had issues with it. Also the 927 is actually a blend with some synthetic in it (

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