Anyone add auxiliary lighting to their YZ?

I want to add some kind of battery-powered lighting to my YZ.  Not to necessarily see in the dark, I just want someone else to see ME coming from the other way.  I've had too many close calls on the trails I use where quads are pretty common.  I want just something to maybe catch their attention and leave me some room. I'm looking at Cree (high intensity) LED battery powered lights for bicycles. There's about 1000 choices from flashlight style to more powerful ones that also have a battery pack. The battery pack styles are probably powerful enough to do night riding but I don't ride at night.  Anyone done this ?


The LED bicycle lights are bright enough to ride at night but you have the option to use them on a lower setting and the battery will last pretty much all day.


LED lights are better than conventional for being seen as they are whiter and brighter.

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