Thanks Grayracer and others

I appreciate the help and advice with my very low hour 03 YZ450. While it was a gem, it just never felt "right" to me and as a result, I just flat didn't enjoy riding it. I have traded it on an orange machine that cycles every 2nd stroke and love it. It is what I wanted in the first place but thought I would try the 450s. I tried it, not for me. Take care, and thanks again.  

Another one sucumbs to the ORANGE KOOLAID..........



I'd like to second the notion- a sincere thanks to all you guys who so freely share your formidable knowledge on these bikes.


(BTW, I'm planning to hang on to my Yamaha for awhile)



Well, the '03 wasn't the best of the lot at all, but it did have "personality". 

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