Everyone be careful!!!

Yesterday we were riding up at Rausch Creek, on the ATV track. Dad came up to one mabey 40 foot or so double, cased it hard with the rear, and it catapaulted him over the bars. I was watching, getting ready to pull out on the track behind him to chase him down. It kicked, threw him over the bars, tossing him on the front fender. Doing so caused the whole bike to finish flipping over (it was riding on the front wheel). He landed on his right shoulder, and the bike rolled over top of him. Came to rest facing the jump he cased, laying on the next double, about 50 feet away or so. He couldn't breathe for over 1/2 hour. It took a bit for ANYONE but me to get to him, and I had to stop people from jumping the double he cased, so that made it take forever to get to him!!

Called an ambulance, and they Life-Lioned (air lift, the name of the chopper is Life-Lion) him to Hershey Medical. Three broken ribs, punctured lung, and an overall soreness and abrasions. So far spent overnight in the hospital, mabey anohter night, not sure yet. Just everyone be careful! This guy is 49 years old too...think mabey he needs to stop? :)

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Did your Dad say it is time to hang up the Boots? I am 44. I broke my Collar bone last year. Lots of folks said "your to old hang it up". Yes I am to old to competativly race more than 5 laps. Yes it takes longer to heal when you break something. NO he should not hang it up unless he wants to. As long as he is enjoying himself you are out of line saying "This guy is 49 years old too...think mabey he needs to stop?" Ride within your capability and have fun.

Note the wink at the end though. He won't stop, and I hope he doesn't stop! I have a lot of fun riding with him! He said next time, he's gonna make SURE he clears the thing...I would hope so! He's not planning on stopping riding for anything! :) He's competed in things since he was 16. He won't run motocross races because he says they are too short. He races Hare scrambles with me for fun, considers that at least a worthwhile race, and usually STILL finishes in the top 15 (of an average of 30 or so.) He runs my class too (Open CC , :D, he doesn't run Age class. Nah, he ain't gonna hang it up for many a years yet, he's having too much fun! :D

ATV track :) I was up there a couple of months ago, absolutely no one there and they had just groomed the ATV track. They told me NO bikes, NO way, NO how. It's good to hear they may have changed that. We rode it last year at the June ThumperTalk ride.

Good to hear your dad is going to be ok :D


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Yeah Bill, they are allowing anyone to ride ANY track until march 1st. Then, only the 1st sunday of each month is "open track day". I just don't like the main bike track. I can do every stinking jump no problem, I just don't like the pine bark, it stinks. The ATV track is a nice hardpack track that doesn't choad up and have zero traction. Any more TTalk days up at rausch coming up? As soon as the hare scrambles start...we won't be riding there as much, but every now and again.


Sorry to hear about your dad and I hope he heals fully and quickly. What races are you planning on hitting this season? We are gonna race the 7 race D6 championship series and a bunch in NY.


Dont forget me when you do a TT ride again. (even though you wont be able to breath too well with all the smoke)


What kind of gear was your dad wearing? Was he in full chest protector and guards and stuff?

Sorry to hear about that man. Hope he makes a fast recovery.

He was wearing his typical knee and elbow pads, but no chest protector this time....hmm.

I have to admit I have a chest protector, but don't always wear it too. It has saved me a few times, but sometimes I just don't feel like putting it on. Maybe I will think twice.

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