are they the same bike with the 650l having alittle more displacement? are they the same engine, frame, suspension?

Im pretty sure they share the same frame and probally same suspension. Not sure about the engine though the 650L probally has a little more power stock im guessing. I never rode a 600 so I dont really know. :)

They are the same frame, but the 650L has a bunch of brackets for the street stuff and tapped inserts for the passenger pegs. The 650L tank also mounts differently because it's metal. The tank slides on some rubber posts, the 600 tank bolts on. The suspension is the same. The engines are similar. The 650 doesn't have a kickstarter, the 600 doesn't have an e-starter. The rear wheels are the same, the front wheels are different (the 600 wheel has more spokes and I believe a different rotor). For the most part, they share a ton of parts. The 650 will have more grunt of course, but you should gear it down for the dirt. It's geared higher than it can pull.

I agree with the last post, except "it's geared higher than it can pull". Granted, my "L" has been uncorked etc., but i've had it up to a "real" 93 mph and it had more if i wanted it, but it was starting to rev pretty high and the wheels shake a bit, being unbalanced. Stock gearing. Just my experience, others may vary.

Actually, the "L" has heavier springs because it was designed to carry passengers. Alot of stuff is the same but some things are different.

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