00' Mint Yz426 for sale

2000 Yz426 for sale. Was bought towards the middle of 2001. Engine only has about 30 hours ride time, barely a scratch on it. Fires right up and runs great. Has a few extras like Renthal o-ring chain, Renthal rear sprocket, One Industries graphics. Original tires with almost all meat still on them. $4000. Can ship anywhere in the USA for about $250. Reason for selling is bike is too much for me. I got a good deal on it so i figured id try it for a while, but a 250f is more my cup of tea.

<<<<<<interested!!!!! :) done anything to the suspension? any other details you could tell me about? and whats the least you'll take for it? :D

Well the suspension front and rear was sent to a professional shop and was revalved for a 160 lb. rider. Not really much else to tell about it, it is an almost new bike. Everything is in great condition. I am pretty firm on the $4000.. but may accept an offer real close to that. If you are interested in it then you are welcome to come down a take a look at it if you want. :)

So I guess you won't be needing that exhaust now?


Dan, i still want the exhaust. I will still be riding the bike until it is sold. I barely put any hours on the bike at all, but still need a spark arrestor and all that good stuff in a WR silencer.

Your add is a little confusing. You say about 30 hours on it then say it still has the original tires with most the meat on them. How can that be. By 30 hours the tires should be long gone, no make that 12-15 hours and thats usually the max

that I ever got off of mine and that's pushing it. Well the front I can understand 30 hours is certainly possible now thaat I think about it but the rear- no way.

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My mistake, i thought the tires were stock but they are not. It has a Dunlop 755 front and 707 rear which appear almost new. Lots of meat on them. Bike is still for sale, and still only has about 30 hours of easy riding time on it....

Bike still for sale... anyone interested? Will sell for $4000 OBO. Or may trade for a 250F. Is an awesome bike, runs perfect. Thanks for lookin

<<<a little interested :)

were interested

If you are interested and want to set up a time to meet then gimme a hollar at (734) 847-8529. Test rides can be arranged :)


Andrew :) ... but im the only teenager in the house so i'll probably be the one answering it anyway.

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