2011 YZ450F Timing Chain Replacement

2 Questions on timing chain replacement:


 1.  When or how do you know when to replace the timing chain?  I've seen that you should replace piston at around 100 hrs and do a timing chain with it.  I've seen 200 hrs, but no real good solid answer.  Is there a service limit?  All the book says is that if it is stiff or cracked to replace.  


2. Do you have to split the cases to replace the timing chain?  Or can you just remove the cams and the flywheel and pull a new chain up through the tunnel to the cam sprockets.  I've never JUST replaced a cam chain it's always been done when I have the top end completely off the bike.  But that was an XR250R and the timing chain is on the other side of the motor, not on the flywheel side.  


The bike has 80 hours on it based on what the GYTR tuner says, 20 of which are from me. Only reason I'm asking is that I've just been reading around and keep seeing a common theme of cam chain replacement as a common maintenance item and that has got me thinking it may be time for me to do so also.  I like the bike and it's a beast, I would just like to keep it running like one.  

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1)  Do it annually, or during any major repair.  Stiffened links are the most dangerous condition, and can only be checked for with the chain off the cams.


2) No.  The flywheel does need to be removed, and you should invest the $15 in a real flywheel puller for this engine.  It will fit a wide range of others.  Read: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/294291-cam-chain-replacement-on-04-450f/#entry2520291

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