Flooded 426

To make a long story short I will tell you this. We had the first nice day here in like 2 months. I decide to start up the 426. I gave it about 3 turns of the throttle and gave it a kick. I started for about 5 seconds and died. I kicked a couple of more time with no luck. I think that this is where I screwed up, I gave 2 more twists of the throttle. After that it was not even sounding like it would start. I know that it is flooded, but I came back a few hours later and still couldn't get it to start. I am going to let it sit over night and see if it will light up tomorrow afternoon. Anyone have any tips for getting them started after they get flooded?


1) never give the 426 "twists" of the throttle before starting, choke it, and kick. No gas! :D

2) unless you drained the old gas out and put fresh back in, that's asking for trouble. 2 months old gas is just...too old. :)

3) when flooded, DON'T give it even more gas! :D

4) sounds like you have old gas and a wet fouled plug, install a new plug and fresh gas and try again.

5) you can sometimes save a flooded 426 by turning OFF the gas, holding the throttle wide open, pulling the decomp. lever, and kicking like an old fool to clear the fuel from the system. Usually, pulling the plug is easier :D

I've found that if it's flooded and you kick it, and it sputters or starts for a few seconds and then dies, that 99% of the time you just fouled a plug. You can usually clean it up with carb cleaner, or a new plug will work. Drop in a new plug and I bet it will start right up.

I agree very much with therapture's #5.

I have to disagree about not bliping the throttle on some 426's though. When it's cold outside and when mine is ice cold it really likes 2 good twists of the throttle before I kick it.

A lot depends on the fuel and jetting you're 426 is set up with though.

Rich ,

I have to agree with the BLIPS.... 2 after a couple of days not being ran and 3 or 4 if not ran for a week!

I think these things are like cars.....each individual and unique.

I blip the throttle 3 times and NEVER touch it when actually kikn it. starts everytime after a wk of no-run on 1st kick! :D

Just dont tap that thing while kikn'!!!You WILL be sorry!

I find if my 99 acts flooded after a crash (which happens a lot!) :) Then I just leave my hand glued to the front break and pull in the compression lever and give 5 full kicks......then go thru the motions of "THE PROCEDURE" Usually works great! :D

If that doesn't work then maybe try an "OLD" snomobilers trick.......

1. pull the plug

2. get the LONG lighter for your BBQ and light the HOLE ON FIRE to clear any gasoline.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY (these athletes are crazy, psycotic, and sometimes stupid to try these stunts. Parents please encourage your CHILDEREN to be careful when trying these stunts at home. ESPECIALLY the SuperMan-knack knack!!!)

3. Heat the plug with the lighter until it is VERY hot.

4. put the plug back in being careful not to burn the hell out of yourself!


6.RIDE THE HELL OUT OF IT!(I used to tell my dad that I was gettin' the carbon off of the plug!) :)

If you're my neighbor, please do not attempt the above procedure. I like my house too much to have it torched by a fire. Use the decomp lever and kick it to clear the fuel out (for the sake of your eyebrows, please don't light it on fire). Then pull the plug.

2 blips of the throttle when cold and mine starts up FIRST kick EVERY time. :)

Never I repeat never touch the throttle on the 426! I have never been able to start mine after using the throttle without changing the plug. I kick the sh#&*@ out of it for hours with and without the decompression lever it will never restart without a plug change. This would be a mean trick to pull before a race just blip a throttle while one is parked. LOL

No blips and no choke above 60 degrees F. My '00 has NEVER fouled a plug. I only change plugs as part of my personal routine maintenance schedule. Like the posts describe above, find what works for your own machine.

#214 give me all your jetting figures


needle and clip position



starter jet?

also describe when you start it how much choke you need before it 8-strokes?


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I got home yesterday and it still wouldn't start so I changed the spark plug. First kick and it was running. I learned my lesson (don't touch the throttle). Once again, thanks.

my bike did the same thing this weekend...started it up, it run about 15 seconds and died..changed plug, fired right up..reckon what is causing this...i thought maybe hauling it on the trailer , the bouncing might cause the float to bounce a tad, but when we got back home i unloaded it and it fired right up..the jetting is all stock and i couldnt ask for it to run any better...this is the 3rd or 4th time it has done this...if yall find the cure let me know as its a pain to pull the tank to just change a plug :)

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