help searching....need opinions on 426 vs. 250

I am a newbie to this forum, and I can't seem to input the correct words to find opinions about whether to go wr250 or wr426. In doing some searching I see it is about 20+ pounds in weight, but I wonder about the difference in power and how much I will miss the extra power of the 426 if I opt for the nimbleness of the 250. I am about 175 pounds if that helps. Please tell me how to search, but feel free to post opinions as well. Thanks in advance! Danny

I'm a newbie as well, but i've been riding a 2001 WR426 for about a year now and I love the brute power. I love the bike.

My old man bought a 2003 WR250 last spring and has been riding it since. He says he loves it.

He's done a few mods: new pipe and header, opened the airbox, cut the white (or grey?) wire, and a few other things, and it really brought the bike to life.

I weigh about 220 pounds, so the 250 it not quite enough for me in the woods, but through 3rd gear, it pulls really hard. The old man weighs about 170 and says he can pull the front wheel whenever he needs to. He seems to have plenty of power, even for the biggest hills.

Plus, it light, so he can throw it around easily without getting tired.

Really beyond the 20 some odd pounds, it comes down to power.

The WRS are more choked up than the YZs to start with. so if you do NO mods to the bike, get the larger 4xx model.

Really if you are into power and speed, get the 4xx model. It is not a tiring bike unless you twist the throttle to the stop every time. Moderate paces it is very easy to ride. The reason it seems so hard to ride fast is cause you get moving so fast!!!


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