Really looking into getting a yz450f but not sure what to get

So I found this really nice 2013 yz450f and I'm not sure if the owner is trustworthy. The bike looks to be in great shape but the owner is a young teenager I believe. He said the bike has no more than 40 hours on it. I offered to trade for both of my 2strokes 2002 yz250 and 05 rm. and he accepted. But I told him I had to think it over. What should I do? I'm really interested in the bike but don't want to lose two of my nice two strokes getting a what seems to be nice 450. (I don't know much about the newer 4stroke engines so I don't know whether a bike is good or not)

Thanks -Travis ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1440384222.159117.jpg

Trades are a funny thing as you just have to get to know the value of what your trade is.

In a way I'm surprised he's willing to trade but I don't know the value of your bikes.

Think it would be worth it? I bought them for $2000 and $2400

Seems over valued to me. I still don't understand why you Americans don't buy bikes in Canada now. With our the dollar so weak, a $5500 bike in Canada is $4200us. And you can buy a sweet bike for $5500 in Canada!

I would ask for VIN and pay to have it run to make sure the bike is not hot - unless he has the title.  I would likely offer him one of the two strokes (your least favorite) and cash to make up the difference.  Just my opinion.  Duffy

I sold a 10 in 2012 for 3,000 and it had gtyr head ,cams,piston ,factory connection suspension, and gtyr tuner. Suspension and motor (piston) had under 15 hrs. That bike in san diego worth maybe 3500. The 14 yz is a much better bike than the 10-13 . the 10-13 are really tall and wide. Sell your bikes. You can get the same or better and have cash left over.

I think I'm going to do that. Thank you

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