Brake Fluid

How many ppl have bleed and changed their brake fluid?

I did this for the first time and .......WOW what a difference!

I suggest if you haven't done it to go ahead and take the 15min and do it!

You will be surprised.

MOTOMAN393.......where did you have a front brake cable made short enuf for the mod?

Is it steel braided ?

I think that would make a huge diff.

anyone have a suggestion where I should look for a steel braided line?

What kind of shop locally could make one?

give me some guidance into my Yellow pPages!!! :)

If you can't get one for your bike, then hydraulic hose places (farm or industrial machinery) should be able to make one, or a good performance auto place, they might, or a Harley shop may make such custom things...

I think you are better off with a 'proper' one though, just heed the advice about lower fork leg clamping...

Your brake fluid should be cahnged at least once a year, even if you never get the bike wet... everytime you change pads or rotors would be nice service interval as well... Always DOT 4



Always use Motul. Trust me. Best stuff on the market.


a braided steel line does make a huge difference. order one from

i recommend their mounting clamp too. makes the whole installation take less than 30min.

Also, try Motul Brake fluid , it is the best

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