Suspension revalve 13 yz450 recommendations?

I am torn between precision concepts and enzo for who to bring the bike to and just these two companies alone. Last bike was a 02 yz426 with precision concepts and it was predictable and soft for the track. The new bike has 7 hours on it total and sprung for my weight 230 no gear 5.0 front 6.6 rear with 100mm race sag 28mm free sag. I cant get it to feel right with the clickers. front wont bottom feels pretty good everywhere else but sketchy at turn in (possibly too high in the rear). Rear is eh okay at best feels like it bottoms on whoops and rollers (half way through 3rd gear) doesnt really compress on hard accel or on jump faces maybe an inch or two. I just feel it can be better and i can build confidence with a proper suspension setup. Has anyone had personal experience with these companies? I have searched for days and read reviews on both companies, seems pc is mainly desert setup possible mx and enzo is mx. I ride 50/50 track for red sticker season and desert the other half the year. Track is novice with clearing 20-30 foot tables sometimes (most the time is flat landing). Desert is c maybe b rider not sure havent raced.

I weigh 230 I ran a 6.1 on my 10 with a link sure its not a 5.6? Enzo did mine and I ran enzo sub tanks on the forks with .50 springs . Bobs stuff is good. When he was in el cajon  and robby was on hondas thats who did my hondas. Enzo is the kyb shop . Who's cheaper both are good.Stock with right springs should be good. I was at the stiffer end of the adjusters on the stock valving. Thats why I had mine redone . Your clickers sound off as in set wrong . Its a 13 with 7hrs are you sure? Start over on your setting I ran stiffer 2-3 on everything from the book because of the bigger springs and the 230.

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Thanks for the reply galligar. I dropped it off at enzo yesterday they wanted 460 with the bike there and Bob wanted 580. As far as the bike, yes it is only 7 hours total, 3 of which i put on. Guy bought it as a left over last year rode it twice in cal city and it was too fast, he got a 250f to replace it. Had a shop look it over to make sure and same thing, 4 hours total. I have a yz book and set everything back to stock and went from there. Front was too harsh and wouldnt bottom so went out 2 clicks and its much better, about 1 inch from full bottom. went in on rebound 2 clicks and ended at 3 total. Rear went in on rebound 2 at a time ended with 6 clicks from stock, lsc went in 2 and hsc went in half turn. Bike felt better but not right. And rear spring is a race tech 6.6. tried a 6.0 sag was 105 and 3mm static. Went to 6.3 and had 100mm with 18mm went to 6.6 had 100 and 29mm. Front spring is 5.0 also race tech. Enzo said it seemed too stiff and dont worry about free sag as much, as long as the suspension works. so they are gunna change rates back down to 6.0 or 6.3 im not sure i have to call tomorrow.

Somethings off, the springs from race tech were marked wrong, your measuring wrong, or your much heavier then 230. I had 07,08,10 yz450 ,had 2 13 450hondas, now on a 15 honda ran 6.0 on the yz, 6.1 on the hondas ran 104-108 sag on, all static on all ran around 30-35. I weigh 230-235 . Have Will set your  sag when you pick it up. Have you lubed the bearing in the linkage and swingarm ? Their's almost no lube from the factory .Steering head on all mine needed lube as well.

Checked last night and im 226lbs. I have a sag stick that is set to zero when the bike is on the stand, measuring point is where the side plate meets the rear fender. I have tried three different ways to measure race sag standing, sitting in natural position and natural position and had someone pull up on the bike and let it drop slowly and push down and let it up slowly which was 104 and 96mm average 100. Race tech maybe wrong box says 6.6 i ordered 6.0 returned for 6.3 returned for the 6.6 to get the 100 and almost 30mm on sags. And i have not lubed the bearings (i should have checked) i didnt know the factory doesn't put enough grease in there but i will definately check and regrease it all when it comes back. Wierd part is when i called factory connection and pro circuit they both told me i needed 6.7 for the rear which i thought was too much also... called around and everyone else i talked to (5 other suspension shops and people from tt) said 6.0 6.1 6.3 at the most. Thats why i started at 6.0. Did the link help the rear out on the 10?

I did it to lower the rear .I need to run a tall seat because of a bad knee so the link made seat height near stock. My friend has it on his 14 and likes it. 6-6.1 is right for our lbs..Factory Connection did my hondas and my 10 yz but I got the springs from enzo and rode it for few months on stock valving. I use the corona store and call them direct .You got someone that was not a suspension tech @ PC andFC. I had the same bike and springs mine worked great and  had free sag of 30-35mm with 6-6.1 spring.

I have luck like that to call and talk to the few that aren't techs lol. I talked to will today at enzo and they are going to try a 6.3 on it first (from records they keep of riders and spring rates) and leave the 5.0 front so its closer to even front and back. if the 6.3 is too much they will put the 6.0 on it while i am there and leave that in. Now I just wait for the phone call to go down there.

Got the bike back today from enzo. Ended up with a 6.3 rear spring... 105 race sag 27 free sag is what will set it to. so we will see how the springs and valving feel this weekend

230 on a 12'

.52 & 6.0

Sathump whats your rear sag numbers?

8mm preload 30free 110rider @230

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